The Face of Cassia

Melissa Grassl - Activities Assistant

Melissa Grassl, Activities Assistant

Face of Caring – December 2021

At Cassia, we don’t just celebrate the holidays in December; we celebrate what’s behind them. That includes compassion, which is why we’re introducing you to Activities Assistant Melissa Grassl at Cassia’s Regent of Burnsville in Minnesota. Melissa has worked at Regent of Burnsville six years. According to Executive Director Vicki Tobroxen, Melissa demonstrates tremendous love and tenderness with residents and staff.

“She is like a silent leader that will work to brighten a resident’s day. It is amazing to watch her interact with our memory care residents. Melissa encourages and supports the caregivers in memory care to get to know residents’ likes and dislikes and motivates caregivers to engage in activities with residents.   She is always positive and upbeat,” says Vicki.

Staff members hear from numerous families about how much they appreciate Melissa’s ability to make a difference in the lives of loved ones by her interactions.  She is also happy to assist fellow coworkers and volunteer for special projects. 

“I’ve always loved connecting with people!” Melissa says. “Working in memory care gives me so much opportunity to do just that! It is so rewarding to see a resident’s face light up during an activity and know that I had a part in brightening his or her day.”