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Learning Lab for Eldercare Technologies Hosts Grand Opening Celebration: Come Learn How Older Adults Can Stay at Home Longer with Help from Technology

While most Americans say they plan to live in their homes for the rest of their lives, they have concerns about falls, medication management, social isolation and memory issues. New home health and safety technologies have been developed to help people maintain their independence for as long as possible. However, many older adults may not understand these technologies or know how beneficial they can be.

Augustana Care has created the Learning Lab for Eldercare Technologies to help older adults stay in their homes as they grow older and reduce stress for those providing care. An opening celebration for health care professionals will be held Thursday, April 13th from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Learning Lab, on the upper level at the Cora McCorvey Health and Wellness Center, 1015 4th Avenue North in Minneapolis. The center is located near International Market Square, just west of downtown Minneapolis.  A short program with local dignitaries will occur at 5:30 p.m.

The Lab’s relaxing learning environment includes a home-demonstration area where visitors can see and experience a variety of devices in a real-life setting. Supplementary educational materials and expert staff will help participants familiarize themselves with available technology tools and learn how to acquire them.

Hardware and software tools include:

  • Shut-off devices for stoves
  • Video doorbells directly connected to a caregiver’s tablet
  • Medication reminders and dispensers with correct medication dosages
  • Heart rate and sleep apnea monitors
  • Alexa “smart” home technologies allowing users to manage home systems such as lights, thermostats, and more using motion or voice-generated commands

The Learning Lab was designed with guidance from eldercare technology consultant Paul Wessel and is supported in part by a Live Well at Home Grant from Minnesota Department of Human Services and other generous funders. “Having this exciting space allows us to work with people toward solutions that help them live on their own in the community. Technology needs to work for the users,” says Learning Lab Coordinator Kate Ingalls-Maloney.

“We believe this program will provide a real breakthrough for those we serve,” says Augustana Care CEO Timothy Tucker. “It is part of a larger strategic technology planning initiative.” He believes the Learning Lab will help Augustana Care understand technology challenges, opportunities and needs.

While this event is for professionals only, subsequent events will reach out to older adults and caregivers. To RSVP to the opening or learn more, contact Coordinator Kate Ingalls-Maloney at or 612-554-2317.

The Learning Lab is made possible by a Live Well at Home Grant from Minnesota Department of Human Services and other generous funders. To set up an interview or tour, call 612-238-8552.

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