Easy chair, lean back

The Cassia Life

One of the enjoyments of the work I do, journalism work, is the necessary reading. Then, from it, chancing upon sentences, phrases, paragraphs, single words, that reach out and grab me. Wow! I think. How true, or how artistic, or how clear. And often there’s a hint of poetry involved. Following are a few examples, some very timely. READ MORE

Personal Safety Device

The Cassia Life

Page through any magazine these days read primarily by seniors and you will see several ads for safety alert call devices. I telephoned one advertiser and was told that the LifeAlert network of devices brings in two million calls per year, saving a life from a potential catastrophe every 11 minutes. That’s impressive! READ MORE

The Enneagram and You

Cassia in the News Spiritual Life

This presentation was an informative webinar discussing the Enneagram, an ancient personality inventory tool that describes nine distinct ways of thinking, acting and viewing the world. It creates paths to self-reflection, growth and improved relationships… READ MORE

The Little Gray Box

Older and Wiser

The day was June 1, 1963. The first 3x5 index card in “The Little Gray Box” belongs to, Pauline Crume, otherwise known as Polly. To my knowledge and as the story has been told, Polly moved in and slept in the back office to listen for/and answer the switchboard. (Think Ruth Buzzi’s, Ernestine, “One ringy dingy”) The switchboard was a lot of cords that you stuck in the holes and flip a switch to connect the calls. READ MORE

Staying Alive & Kickin

Cassia in the News

A look back at the last year with Alive & Kickin, a Minneapolis-based Senior Services Arts Organization. Michael Matthew Ferrell & Jason James Hansen will share how their Senior Rock & Roll performing group is transforming the challenges of COVID into new opportunities and fighting senior isolation. READ MORE