The Face of Cassia


Chef Shaun’s Career at The Rosemount

Face of Caring – October 2021

In honor of International Chefs Day on October 20, Cassia is celebrating the extraordinary people who brighten our kitchens and dining rooms.

Chef Shaun Hammel has been with Cassia ten years and now works at The Rosemount, where Cassia provides care and services. “Chef Shaun embodies the Cassia service standards day in and day out and nurtures relationships with residents and staff alike,” writes Executive Director Tiffany Sellner. “It is evident to all who know him how passionate and invested he is in making his team and his vision a success.

“Chef Shaun’s innovative and creative approach to events such as Happy Hour always draws a captivating and adventure-seeking crowd.” This particular Happy Hour is both a national and international event, offering cuisine from countries all over the world.

“Residents at The Rosemount rave about Chef Shaun’s creative and respectful approach to their dining options,” adds Tiffany. “His love for the industry is also shared with his staff through hands on, passion-driven training that fosters and ignites creativity in his kitchen.”

“Being at The Rosemount allows me to be creative and more innovative through seasonal changes, other changes and hardships. Residents are willing to try whatever I’m making,” says Chef Shaun. “I also want everyone to know that I couldn’t do anything without the great leadership, residents and culinary team. And it’s great to be able to work in such a beautiful building.” Thank you, Chef Shaun, for choosing to share your talents with us.

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