The Face of Cassia

Housekeeper Stacy Schullo

Face of Caring – September 2021

Housekeeping Aide Stacy Schullo has worked at Cornerstone Assisted Living for the past four years. She does a spectacular job as a member of the Environmental Services team and is also extremely creative in thinking up ways to enhance residents’ experiences.  

Stacy has been taking care of butterflies at home and decided to share that part of her life with residents, staff and visitors. She brought in a cage and gathered milkweed, knowing that is what caterpillars eat, and often, where they form their chrysalis. The residents were fascinated to realize how important this common weed was for the survival of the species. In one to two weeks, caterpillars grow quickly, increasing their weight 2,700 times! They climb to the top of the cage and spin a silken anchor from which they hang in a “j” shape while they shed their skin, revealing a chrysalis that looks like a green pod. Ten to fourteen days later, a beautiful monarch butterfly emerges. Everyone enjoyed watching the transformation and the release of the butterflies into the front yard.

“Stacy is really there for residents and looks for anything they need,” says Cornerstone Director of Health Services Molly McConville. “She is a wonderful listener and her butterfly project is amazing.”

Thank you, Stacy, for sharing so much joy with everyone at Cornerstone!